03Oct, 2021

Autopsy on Unclaimed Bodies - Practical Issues

Unclaimed bodies bring with them a plethora of problems, most of it relating to identification
02Oct, 2021

Automated Forensic Examination: Issues and Challenges

Computational Methods in various Forensic Examinations
12Sep, 2021

Bite Marks - Unleashing the Power Within

Human dentition has been unique in itself and so the bite marks.
22Aug, 2021

Deviancy in Children

Peer & Society creates a great impact on children which in turn brings deviancy in their behaviour.
13Jun, 2021

Serious Crime Investigation

A criminal investigation is a multi-faceted, problem-solving challenge.
05Sep, 2020

Impact of Abuse on Mental Health & Child Development

Impact of abuse can be long lasting for children's and affect the development of a child.
30Aug, 2020

Standards for Epiphyseal Union in South African Children

Epiphyseal Union Radiographs

Comprehend Forensic Innovatively

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