13Jun, 2021

Serious Crime Investigation

Explore the world of criminal investigation and discover the intricacies of solving major crimes.
13Jun, 2021

Introduction to Forensic Psychology

Discover the connection between psychology and criminal justice and how to study criminal behavior patterns.
20Dec, 2020

Mixed Reality for Crime Scene Investigators

Experts view on the technology's role in solving crimes and revolutionizing crime scene analysis..
13Dec, 2020

Photographing Injuries

Gain expert insights on forensic photography techniques, angles, and lighting for documenting injuries.
29Nov, 2020

Natural Justice: Use of Soil in Criminal Investigations

Dig into the significance of soil in criminal investigations to uncover the hidden clues beneath the earth's surface.
15Nov, 2020

Detecting and Investigating Firearm Incidents

Learn the the secrets of ballistics, gunshot residue, firearm incident detection and investigation from firearm experts.
08Nov, 2020

Use of 3D Printing in Humanitarian Forensics

Discover the future of forensic technology for disaster victim identification using forensic 3D printing techniques.
18Oct, 2020

Hot Mess! Understanding Heat-Induced-Changes in Bone and Embracing a Bioarchaeology of Cremation

Learn the mysteries of skeletal transformations during cremation due to heat induced bone changes.
14Oct, 2020

The Power of a Picture: Identifying People through Images of their Hand's

Learn the ways of identifying people by handprints using forensic hand image evidence analysis techniques.
10Oct, 2020

Culture Matters: Archaeology, Environment & Forensics Interpretation

Learn how forensic science can help uncover the mysteries of the past and cultural heritage .

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