• Education

      We provides various Courses in the fields of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation. These courses provide you advantages for the development of your career in the fields of Private Forensic Investigation, Banks, Police Departments, Detective agency, IT industries, IB, CBI,Cyber and many more.

    • Training

      Department of Training and Research is equiped with all standard equipment used in Forensic Investigation. We provides training for the Students, Advocates, IT Professional, Police such as Fingerprint Study, Handwriting Analysis, Cyber Investigation, Forensic Psychology, Graphology etc.

    • Internship

      We provides Internship for the Forensic Students, Advocates, IT Professional in the several fields of the Forensic Science such as Fingerprint Identification, Handwriting Analysis, Questioned Documents, Cyber Investigation, Forensic Psychology, Graphology and many more.


    Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science (SIFS) was set up in 2004 with aim to write a new era of forensic education as a comprehensive teaching, training, research and consultancy in the fields of Criminology & Forensic Science to meet the ground level demand of the Law enforcement, Criminal Justice Administration of the country. The Institute functions under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India. We aim to encourage new developments and research in the field of Forensic Sciences including Cyber Law, Cyber Forensic, Fingerprint Verification and Question Document Handwriting Analysis.

    SIFS INDIA is proud to launch several courses in Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation, offered as classroom, online/distance learning courses, the content will include Hands on Training based on experience from REAL COURT Cases and along with detailed forensic science study metarials, books and online help.

    Worldwide, Forensic Science plays a crucial role in the justice system by providing scientific and foundational information for criminal and civil investigations.
    The SIFS INDIA Department of Education and Training Programme in Forensic Science focuses primarily on Forensic Education (Online and Distance Mode). Association with the work of Forensic Science Laboratories and many corporate sectors is a part of the training for these courses..

    SIFS INDIA was founded with an aim to impart high quality and easily accessible Forensic Education to meet the growing demand of Law enforcement and other Government and private legal Departments. We aim to encourage new developments and research in the field of Forensic Sciences including Cyber Law, Cyber Forensic, Fingerprint Verification and Handwriting Analysis.

    Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to provide practicing lawyers, students and employees from various streams and industries to select the course that will help them gain an advantage in their career. We has gained recognition in the industrial sector by equipping its students to analyse and think strategically, to bring in necessary changes and facilitate growth of the organization by participating in change management.

    Our case study methodology and practical approach not only helps students to understand and analyse complex situations but also make them competent to take corrective action and make necessary forecast to contribute in organization's profitability.

    SIFS India forensic academy offers fee concession for students who belongs to economically weaker section, physically challenged, Govt. officials, Lawyer, Judges, Scientists, Police and melodious students that are doing exceptionally well in course and subject, we also give them chance to work with us as forensic expert in our laboratory to enhance the empower the knowledge graph.